Our product range is increasing day by day to offer trusted organic certified brands in food, cosmetics and cleaning products market in Turkey. Our products are;



Germany’s trusted organic brand Mogli is characterized not only by the best organic quality but also through their values about education and sustainability. Jungle animals themed Mogli products are available with its sweet, salted and seasoned selection…


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smaaktPurest and finest peanut butter…
Smaakt peanut butter has no added sugar and no preservatives.


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maestraniMaestrani is the chocolate factory of Happiness. If chocolate is a treat for the taste buds, then Maestrani chocolate is a feast for all the senses. This fine chocolate has a fragrance that enchants the nose and a taste that thrills the palate. Maestrani seems to have a sixth sense for chocolate and has created a secret recipe containing high quality cocoa, healthy milk and a number of other ingredients, which its chocolatiers then process into fine chocolate specialities during a careful manufacturing process. It’s not surprising that this melt-in-the-mouth chocolate makes people feel good, since it contains substances that are stimulating for both the heart and the brain.


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