A Way Of Life

Thanks to awareness and consciousness on ecological living, nowadays many people question how healthy the food and beverages they consume are, where and under which circumstances and by which methods they are produced. That is because the chemical residues in conventional agricultural products contaminate water and earth, disturb the ecological balance and the food produced in such ways threaten human health. It is our responsibility to sustain a healthy, safe and sustainable way of life to ourselves, our loved ones, nature, all living creatures and the generations to come.


Organic Choices

Taking off with the awareness of this responsibility and the “Organic consumption is a way of life” motto, ORGAVITAE introduces an ecological World with its food, cosmetic, cleaning and textile products. According to ORGAVITAE, the key to this world is its product range that is supplied only from reliable sources and producers that are all organically certified. Serving with its customer-oriented, fast and problem-solving service quality, large distribution channels and business partners that are experts in their respective fields, ORGAVITAE handles this new way of life professionally with its competitive prices.

Looking hopefully

It is hopeful that each day the number of people with ecological awareness who adopt a healthy and organic life style, is increasing. ORGAVITAE looks at the future with a principle of resecting humans, nature and all living beings while fostering this hope.

It believes that the positive, balanced and harmonized world that’s in accord with the essence, where we envision the future generations to live in not only today but also in the future, is not just a dream.